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The status of Individual Entrepreneur with Limited Liability (EIRL) remains a legal statute that is not well known and allows the individual entrepreneur to protect personal property from the risks related to the business without necessarily creating a corporation.

Business Law

Business and company law is a branch of private law. It covers all issues related to corporate affairs: tax law, contract law, intellectual property, commercial law, corporate criminal law, vendor law, but also company incorporations.
Mermet & Associates uses its broad skills and experience to assist companies in negotiating and executing their contracts, but also to contribute to finding solutions in disputes between shareholders, managers, or partners.

Issues related to corporate law—incorporation, operation, restructuring—taxation, and the transfer of companies are dealt with by our partner Lavergne & Associates, with whom we share our offices in Annecy.

Our expertise in commercial lease litigation

In Annemasse, Annecy, and Thonon-les-Bains, Mermet & Associates handles all litigation related to the execution or non-execution of a commercial lease. This lease agreement offers many advantages to the tenant, which is why—even if using a commercial lease professional is not required—we strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer, in order to ensure the lease complies with the law and to avoid unpleasant surprises if your commercial lease is subject to litigation

Whether you are a tenant or an owner, you may be faced with a dispute with the other party for many reasons: early departure before the end of the commercial lease term, change of business activity, alteration of the premises, difficulties in rent payment, etc. The risks are numerous and require the expertise of a lawyer to put an end to the dispute in a way that will benefit you, as much as possible.

Commercial Agent Law

Many companies in Haute-Savoie use single or multi-line commercial agents or proxies to sell their products or services. Specialised in commercial agent law, Mermet & Associates—based in Thonon-les-Bains, Annemasse, and Annecy—has recognised expertise in business law. In addition to negotiating, analysing, and drafting commercial agent contracts, the firm assists clients throughout the duration of their contracts.

Our expert in business law
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