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Ethically, by conviction, Mr. Noetinger-Berlioz only takes victims of physical or psychological damage. Lawyers specialised in criminal law are responsible for defending those who commit offences.

Defending victims

The defence of victims covers a wide range of issues: Mermet & Associates works within Haute-Savoie but also throughout France, defending victims of physical or psychological damage—most often in traffic accidents, but also for medical or professional liability claims (notaries, lawyers, chartered accountants...).
After a misfortune, whether it is a road accident or medical error, victims are often misinformed and misguided. It is in their best interest to be aware of their rights in order to defend them as effectively as possible:

  • The right to be respected and recognised as victims
  • The right to full compensation: compensation for personal injury negotiated between insurers is usually lower than that obtained by a lawyer or in court.

Our expertise in defending victims, after personal injury

You need to be aware of two key elements when you are a victim of personal injury:

  • Select a lawyer to assist you as soon as possible after the accident for support during administrative procedures
  • Be prepared for a complex procedure, that can sometimes be long because compensation is final, and only comes once the victim's condition is stabilized

The victim is always assisted by a lawyer if they wish to have a medical examination performed. The examination is used to estimate compensation, and the presence of a lawyer prevents the slightest error of judgement. In Annecy, Thonon, and Annemasse, Mermet & Associates provides clients with the assistance of expert doctors specialised in victims’ defence.

FOCUS : Road accidents

If you have been the victim of a road accident, do not neglect the added value of having a lawyer to assist you:

  • Negotiate compensation that best respects your interests
  • Assemble your file and support you in the process
  • Highlight your arguments

From our offices in Annecy, Thonon, and Annemasse, Mermet & Associates assists you in the event of a traffic accident or domestic accident, wherever it may have occurred. Whether the victim is a pedestrian, motorcyclist, cyclist, motorist or passenger, any road user is entitled to compensation.

Our expert in defending victims
provides counsel and assistance

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