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From now on, even employers with no more than ten employees are allowed to establish company agreements directly with their employees, by a 2/3 majority vote.

Labour Law

Labour law governs all relations between employers and employees. It oversees the forming, execution and termination of the employment contract. In Annecy, Thonon, and Annemasse, Mermet & Associates supports you throughout your employment contract, from its negotiation to its termination. They help you negotiate a transaction, draw up a conventional termination and defend your interests before the Labour Courts.
Some labour law issues:

  • Employment contracts and company agreements
  • Social and Economic Committee Law (SEC, ex Labour Councils): constitution, management, advice, etc.
  • Dismissals for personal or economic reasons
  • Conventional Termination
  • Labour Courts

Our expertise in SEC law (Social and Economic Committees)

Mermet & Associates provide counsel on creating and operating a Social and Economic Committee. We will assist you in drafting the necessary documents during the elections and throughout the SEC term of office. We train elected members and managers (refer to our "Training" section).

By using the expertise provided by the Haute-Savoie offices of Mermet & Associates, you will avoid mistakes and prevent conflicts while getting support if they do occur.

FOCUS : Company Agreements

A company agreement aims to adapt the regulations to the needs of the company and its employees on topics such as working time, holidays, professional equality, quality of life at work, etc. From the drafting and negotiation of the agreement to its approval by referendum, the Mermet & Associates law offices in Annecy, Thonon-Les-Bains, and Annemasse, counsel you throughout the process.

Our expert in Labour Law
provides counsel and assistance

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