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When two spouses marry anywhere in the world, without having entered into a marriage contract, their matrimonial property regime is that of the country in which they established their first domicile after marriage.

Family Law

This is the most common French legal issue in our courts: more than 50% of the cases handled in France are family law cases! It governs the relations and judicial rules between the different members of the same family. There are two types of family relations: alliance (couples) and kinship (ascendant and descendant). In family law, we handle disputes and litigation arising during a union, in adoptions, inheritance, divorce, etc.

Issues in family law:

  • Cross-border issues
  • Matrimonial law (liquidation of matrimonial property, private international divorce law)
  • Inheritance (heirs, judicial division)
  • Joint ownership

Our Expertise in Matrimonial Law

Matrimonial law includes all the rules that concern two spouses in their relations with each other and with other persons during the marriage until its end, in the event of divorce or death. The choice of matrimonial property regime is established when establishing the marriage contract with the notary.

There are two types of property regimes:

  • Property without contract
  • Conventional property: community property and separate property

For a marriage, a divorce, a change of matrimonial property regime or any other issue related to matrimonial law, Mermet & Associates in Haute-Savoie provides counsel and assistance.

Inheritance and Inheritance Law

There are several ways to ensure your inheritance: a will, a bequest, a donation, life insurance... each has its advantages and disadvantages, with specific inheritance taxes. Property divisions can create disputes between heirs, hence the importance of planning your succession during your lifetime and hiring a lawyer.

Inheritance rules are very strict, which is why it is important to organise it well. Inheritance refers to the transmission of a person's material property after death. There are two types of inheritance:

  • Inheritance by legal transmission where the person concerned has not made any special arrangements for asset transmission.
  • Inheritance by voluntary transmission which can be done through a will, donations, life insurance etc.

Our experts in family law
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