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The Personal Training Account (CPF) can be used by any employee throughout his or her professional life and provides qualifying training sessions. The CPF, quantifiable in euros, replaces the DIF, which was initially quantifiable in hours.

Personalised training in Annecy, Annemasse, and Thonon

Mermet & Associates offers specific training in labour law, real estate law and corporate law in Annecy, Annemasse, and Thonon. Thanks to our extensive expertise, both professionals and private individuals have access to optimised training courses. The training courses are adapted to your needs and your company's environment.

Law: Take Advantage of Specific Courses in Haute-Savoie

In the context of legal training, using a law firm is the best way to participate in concrete and practical interventions.

Mermet & Associates offers training in the following fields in Annecy, Thonon, and Annemasse:

  • Socio-Economic Committee Law
  • Labour Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Corporate Law

To perfect your knowledge or for a simple introduction to law in Haute-Savoie, we are able to meet all your training needs.

Train with One of Our Experts

Our law instructors enjoy sharing their knowledge and providing information. For them, these training sessions are extremely enjoyable and informative. We can bring together a work group on a given subject—such as socio-economic committee law or company agreement negotiations in an SMB, for example—making it possible to approach current issues from both a practical and pedagogical angle. This is a beautiful way to experience the realities of this profession, and how legal principles—that remain most often theoretical or abstract in the minds of their interlocutors—work. These training courses also help us create a connection with the law firm's clients, to get to know them even better.

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