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Trees, shrubs, and bushes near the boundary of the neighbouring property are only allowed at a minimum of:

  • two metres from the dividing line between the two properties for plantations whose height exceeds 2 metres
  • fifty centimetres for plantations whose height is less than 2 metres

Civil Law

Civil law gathers the rules of law concerning the legal status of natural or legal persons and the relations between these persons. Civil law governs: personal law, property law, law of obligations and special contracts, family law, surety law, family property law, banking law, insurance law, etc.

Issues in civil law:

  • Cross-Border Issues
  • Matrimonial Law, inheritance, joint ownership (see Family Law section)
  • Banking Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Neighbourhood Disputes

Our Expertise in the Management of Cross-Border Issues

In Haute-Savoie—and especially around the municipalities of Annemasse, Annecy, and Thonon-les-Bains, where the law firm Mermet & Associates is located—many people of various nationalities fall into the category of cross-border commuters: they live in France while exercising their profession in neighbouring Switzerland.

Divorces, social insurance, taxation, retirement, termination of employment contract, etc.—the specificities linked to cross-border commuters are numerous, and not always easy to understand. It is essential for cross-border commuters to have the right entourage. In some cases, using a lawyer who is well versed in cross-border legislation can be very beneficial in disputes involving several States.

Liquidation of the matrimonial property regime

The liquidation of the matrimonial property regime is a mandatory procedure, regardless of the matrimonial property regime chosen, which precedes the partition. It consists in returning to the spouses their own property so that they can then share the net assets of the community. The liquidation of the matrimonial property regime is therefore carried out in two stages:

  • Analysis of the accounts
  • Distribution of assets and debts between the spouses

In Annecy, Thonon, and Annemasse, the lawyers at Mermet & Associates will assist you in your efforts to assert your rights.

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